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Miniature Rose

Gorgeous patio Roses in 15cm pots - covered in bud and flower!

Miniature Roses are true roses, bred to stay small in size. Most mini Roses also have smaller flowers than standard Rose bushes, but they come in a variety of types and colors. Despite their small size, miniature Roses are extremely hardy! In fact they are more winter hardy than most tea roses. Miniatures are also profuse repeat bloomers!

Fantastic inside or outdoors! Summerhill Roses will give you sensational flower indoors for up to 3 weeks. Summerhill Roses also perform brilliantly in tubs or landscape plantings in the garden, flowering for months and months over the warmer seasons. To keep your Rose looking its best, keep it in a bright, well lit position, prune after flowering and apply a liquid or slow release fertiliser.

  • 15cm pots in flower
  • 8 per tray
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