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How to Order from Summerhill Nurseries

Summerhill Nurseries Fiesta Ceramic & Rose

Step 1: Placing your order

There are lots of different ways to place your order with Summerhill Nurseries, you can...


For Customers on our database, we issue a weekly stock/availablity list via email that is sent out on Monday mornings. If you are a new customer, please give us a call or send through an email with your request and we can set you up in the system!

Step 2: Paying for your order

For customers without accounts: Once you have placed your order with Summerhill we will forward you an invoice for payment. You will be required to pay for your order prior to dispatch, you can choose to pay by directly transferring funds into our bank account or by credit card.

For customers with accounts: Once you have placed your order with Summerhill we will dispatch your order as soon as possible with payment required as per terms of your account.

Step 3: Dispatch of your order

Summerhill Nurseries uses an extensive network of various specialised plant couriers for different regions, contact us for more details on delivery to your town.

Step 4: Receipt of your order

When you receive your order make sure to unpack your plants straight away! Give your plants a good water and allow them to drain well prior to display. Stock leaves our sheds well watered, and in fantastic condition.