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The Petchoa plant is an flower-lover's dream come true. A combination of the best characteristics of the petunia plant and those of the calibrachoa plant, the petchoa plant delivers unique colors, sturdy blossoms and non-sticky foliage.

For the retailer, non-sticky foliage provides a cleaner look, strong roots keep leaves greener under stress, and crisp vibrant flowers provide higher sell-through. For the consumer, exceptional garden performance under all kinds of weather - from unexpected late frosts, to rainy-wet cycles and even through the high heat of summer, the Petchoa delivers value.

Petchoas have a a mounding habit which results in large ball of colour! Just perfect for hanging baskets, borders rockeries, sunny garden beds and flower pots! They stand up to wind and rain without closing up or getting stressed. They're just great all-rounders!

  • 13cm pots
  • 16 per tray
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